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Instead Of Moving Your Eye down To The Pistol

Target shooting is the basis for accuracy when shooting. The suggestions here are applicable to any kind of shooting, but all I do is target shooting. Hunting techniques undoubtedly vary the process somewhat, but the basic ideas are transferable.Tilt your head so the eye closest to the gun is looking straight down the top of the barrel.

Place this eye where it can see past the rear sight but not to the sides of it (don’t put your eye right next to the sight, but make sure you are not looking over the sight). If you are pulling the trigger with your right hand the left side of the butt/stock should be firmly pressed against your right cheek below the cheek bone (this is called a gun mold).

Just as in real estate where the tenets are: Location, Location, Location! the tenet for shooting is: Practice, Practice, Practice!The other tenet of shooting is safety! Never assume any gun is unloaded. Never load a gun until the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction (down range for target shooting). Never put your finger in the trigger guard until ready to take a shot. Never touch a gun when someone is downrange — guns should be unloaded and put into a rack or laid on a bench with an empty chamber indicator before anyone goes downrange.